Mehendi or Mehndi or henna—is an ancient form of body art, which has its origins in India and across South Asia and the Middle East. Traditionally, the Mehndi paste is prepared from dust obtained from finely chopped Henna Leaves.

Among the many traditions in an Indian wedding, one of the most popular ones is the Mehndi ceremony. Typically, held the day before the wedding, the brides family organises these parties. Therefore, From the bride-to-be to all the female relatives gather together for a fun-filled evening. So, to apply red-orange Henna stain design patterns to their palms, back of hands, and feet.

Use of Mehendi in a pre-wedding ceremony is not only cosmetic but has some scientific reasons for it. Henna is known for its cooling properties and applying it, to the bride’s hands and feet, is thought to calm her nerves before the wedding.

Different families have different customs during the ceremony. While some families combine this with the ‘sangeet’ ceremony, others celebrate it separately. Many families bring in DJs to play songs and dance to make it a colourful celebration. Its an occasion for the bride and grooms families to meet each other and have some fun, mixed with the usual dancing and feasting.